New Years Eve Pet Safety Tips

Pet safety tips for new years eve

With Christmas over and still reeling from the over indulgence we or about to have more festivities on New Years Eve. Whilst we are enjoying ourselves we must be aware that our furry friends are not going to be enjoying it like us. With the possibility of strangers visiting again, noisy music and fireworks, our pets are likely to be scared or try to run away. In fact, Dog shelters report that they see an increased number of lost Dogs over the New Year period. Therefore, I have compiled my top tips for keeping your pet safe on New Years Eve.

pet safety tips for new years eve

Safest Indoors

It is always best to keep your loved one’s indoors. It will be quieter and a place they feel safe. If you are having friends around keep them in a comfortable place with their blankets and toys etc. If they are sociable let them interact with your guests but tell your guests not to feed them food or alcohol. This may seem obvious but some people may not understand this. Ensure they have plenty of their proper food and water. If you are alone but near fireworks it’s always good to cuddle up to them on the sofa, keep the windows and curtains closed, and have the TV on. Try not to react to the sound of fireworks and comfort them as much as possible if you feel they are wary.

Food and Water

Make sure your furry friends have good access to plenty of food and water. Try to keep their routine as normal as possible so that your Dog feels as if nothing is about to happen and that it is a normal day. This will ensure he feels secure and less likely to get scared and run off if he hears some strange noises.

Lots of Walks and Playtime

During the day why not take them for a long walks and play with them more than ever. This will tire them our and all they will want to do during the evening is relax and sleep. Try to keep them busy with toys or games. If he has a new toy he is more likely to find that interesting than what is going on around him. If you know there are going to be loud fireworks near you make sure they have been out and done their business before it all kicks off.

Beware of Alcoholic Beverages

It is not rocket science that you shouldn’t feel your Dog alcohol but some people might not realise this especially if they are guests and not Dog owners. To some seeing your Dog drunk might be funny but you are actually poisoning him and this can have serious repercussions. Also, your Dog might find the smell of alcohol appealing so make sure all drinks are kept well our of their way

Watch Out For Fatty Foods

This is very similar to the alcohol side of things. Food is always attractive to Dogs but fatty foods can make them seriously ill. Ham, beef, chicken and bones all have high levels of fat that your loved one’s will find attractive to eat. Eating these can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and bloating. chicken bones can be especially dangerous as they have been known to splinter and get stuck in the intestines. This can cause blockages or internal bleeding which will require surgery. This would be hardly the ending you want for the New Year.

Beware of Party Poppers and Decorations

New Year’s Eve parties usually include party poppers, streamers, balloons and noisy horns etc. The party poppers are likely to scare the hell out of any Dog and those noisy blaring horns will have them looking for shelter quicker than you can say Happy New Year. Think about these things if you are having a party. Also, discarded poppers and streamers will seem strange to them. Don’t let them pick them up and chew on them just in case they swallow them and cause internal problems as with chicken bones.


As mentioned before, protect your loved one’s from the sound of fireworks. If you happen to live in a crowded place, like I do, the fireworks go on for hours. You must do your utmost to protect your Dog and any other pets from the loud noise. The constant banging will cause stress and anxiety. I for one will be spending New Years Eve on the sofa, with all windows and curtains drawn, and the TV slightly louder than normal. Both my Dog’s will be sat either side of me and I will be doing my best to keep them comfortable and stress free.

Go Away For The Evening

Why not get away for the night? There are plenty of Pet Friendly hotels offering accommodation for the New Year. A nice trip to the coast somewhere quiet will not only be nice for you but also for your pet’s. Why not have a look on and see what they have to offer.

pet friendly hotels
Pet Friendly Hotels

Holistic Calming Therapies and Medications

If you feel your Dog is going to have a terrible evening and there is nothing you can do to prevent this why not try some holistic calming therapies. There are many tried and tested available on that will deliver before New Year’s Eve. Lemon balm, chamomile, lavender and valerian are all natural herbs that can be safely added to your Dogs food to relax them and make them feel more secure.

If you are really concerned you can also speak top your vet. There are several anti-anxiety medications available. Benzodiazepines can be taken on an as needed basis and others available over the counter are diphenhydramine and benadryl. These can also be effective.

However, do not give your Dog any medication with speaking to your vet first.

Check out some of the available therapies available on


We will soon be coming to the end of the festive season and New Yer’s Eve is usually the loudest of the events. I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year. Please think about our loved one’s who do not understand what is going on. Keep them safe as at the end of the day, they are also our family and need as much love and happiness as we all do.

Happy New Year everyone


pet safety tips for new years eve

Foods That Dogs Should Avoid

Foods That Dogs Should Avoid

Christmas is almost upon us and as we all get carried away with the festivities we must remember our furry best friends. If food and drink looks attractive to us then you can pretty much be sure it will look great to your Dog. With lots of different smells and an abundance of food your Dog is likely to feel like a kid in a candy store. However, this can be very dangerous for your loved one and the potential to poison and injure your Dog is massive.

I do not want to take away the joy of Christmas, but want to make sure everyone is aware of the foods that dogs should avoid over Christmas.

Turkey Bones

We all see pictures of Dogs chewing happily away on bones and it is a common belief that all bones are good for Dogs. Yes, a lot are and there is nothing wrong with a nice leg of lamb bane or a knuckle from a pork joint. Unfortunately Turkey and Chicken bones, once cooked, become brittle and easily splinter. The larger bones can become a choking hazard and the smaller ones and splinters can irritate the gut or in worse situations get stuck in the gut.

Foods That Dogs Should Avoid

Stuffing and Bread Sauce

A Christmas Dinner would not be complete without your sage and onion stuffing and bread sauce. Unfortunately as lovely as it is for us it can be deadly for Dogs. The stuffing contains onions, garlic, shallots, leeks and scallions, bread sauce contains onions. These all belong to the Allium family and are all toxic to your Dog. If digested the compounds damage the oxygen-carrying substances found in red blood cells called hemoglobin. The damage can cause anemia and in severe cases can lead to organ damage, organ failure or even death.


If dogs drink alcohol they react very similarly to humans. They will become unsteady on their feet and seem drowsy, but at a much faster rate than us humans. The ethanol in the alcohol hits animals at a far quicker rate than us. A Dog’s kidneys and liver are not designed to filter or process alcohol. Drinking alcohol can be so severe in Dogs that it could lead to seizures and heart failure.

Food That Dogs Should Avoid

Top tip, don’t leave your Christmas drinks on the floor, as your best friend may want to join in the festivities, drink your beer, and become very sick.

Blue Cheese

Stilton, Roquefort and other blue cheeses contain a substance called roquefortine C. This is produced by the fungus that is used to make blue cheese. It seems that Dogs are very sensitive to this and it can cause muscle tremors, vomiting, diarrhoea, high temperatures and in extreme cases seizures.

Food That Dogs Should Avoid


Dogs can have some nuts like peanuts, cashews and almonds. However, never give them chocolate covered nuts as they chocolate is poisonous. Nuts to stay well clear of are high fat nuts like macadamia nuts and black walnuts. These can cause weakness, lethargy, tremors, vomiting and an increased blood temperature. Also, peanut butter should be avoided as it contains artificial sweetener than can cause liver failure.

Food That Dogs Should Avoid


Minced Pies, Christmas Cake and Puddings

All of these contain raisins, sultanas and currants. Although it is a well-known fact they cause a toxic reaction it is not known why they cause this. It is important to note that even a small amount of grapes and raisins can prove to be fatal for your Dog. The symptoms for grape or raisin poisoning include vomiting or diarrhoea, loss of appetite, lethargy, abdominal pain, dehydration, foul breath, ulcers, tremors, seizures and finally coma.

Food That Dogs Should Avoid



Keep your Christmas fruit bowls and cheese and grapes well out of reach from your loved ones.


This is one of the most plentiful foodstuffs around at Christmas and also one of the most deadly. From tins lying around the house, for people to help themselves, to decorations on a Christmas tee, you must make sure they are all out of reach of your Dogs. Remember chocolates under the Christmas tree, just because they are wrapped it doesn’t mean your Dog can’t smell them. If your dog decides to eat your chocolate presents, other fatal conditions could occur, like wrappers lodged or stuck in his gut.


Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine which is poisonous to dogs, cats, rabbits and other rodents. The general rule of thumb is that the darker the chocolate the more theobromine it contains. White chocolate contains very little thoebromine so is unlikely to cause poisoning. However, it is very fatty, and can still make your Dog ill.

Chocolate can initially cause vomiting and diarrhoea which can then develop into muscle twitching, tremors and then fits and life threatening heart conditions.

Rich Fatty Foods

There are many rich or fatty foods that are abundant over Christmas. Too much for us can cause us to become bloated and for us to become uncomfortable. WeFood That Dogs Should Avoid should know when to stop eating these foods but we often don’t. Just think how your Dog will feel if he is given a free rein to eat what he likes. He will over indulge and make himself very poorly.


Well I hope everyone is looking forward to their festive time and you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year. Please bear in mind our furry friends and do not let them come to harm. Whether it be the food we are eating or the drinks we are drinking make sure our loved ones do not have access to anything that could make them ill. A visit to the vet over Christmas is not a planned or pleasant part of the Christmas festivities.

If you require any information on nutrition and diet for your Dog have a ;look at these best sellers on

If you have any comments or photos you would like to share please feel free to leave them below.

All the Best over the Christmas


Dog Fundraising Event

Hudson and Nelly

Hi everyone,

I want to say a big thank you to Angelique at Pause & Pose Photography who  organised a Charity Fundraising Event for The Animals In Need Foundation. 

Pause & Pose Photography
Pause & Pose Photography


Animals In Need
Animals In Need Foundation

I believe she deserves a medal purely for having the patience to sit all the Dogs down to photograph them. How on earth she managed to get a photo of Nelly sitting down I will never know. Well done Angelique and please see the fabulous pictures below.


Nelly Posing
Hudson as Cool as Ever !!


Animals In Need
Animals In Need Foundation

If anyone has any updates on how much money was made for The Animals In Need Foundation or would like to send some of their pictures please feel free to comment or send the piccies.

All the Best








Amazon Dog Magazine Deals and 3 Months Free Kindle Unlimited

Dog Monthly Magazine

Hi everyone,

I have just received this from amazon. They say that If you’re looking for the best dog magazine on the market they think they have found it. Dogs Monthly is definitely not your average Fido when it comes to doggy reads. Packed with tantalising articles, achievable training features and no nonsense advice it will warm the heart of every dog lover.

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What do you think? It is certainly a great read but is it the best? I would love to hear from subscribers of this magazine and others on which magazine is the best value for money.

All the best


How to Choose the Best Dog Groomer

How to choose the best dog groomer

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, your furry best friend needs to be kept clean and have basic grooming carried out on him. Just a wash, trim, nails cut, teeth scrubbed and ears cleaned will make a massive difference to his quality of life. It is, however, very important you get a good quality groomer. Someone who is there to get as many dogs through the door for maximum profit isn’t going to give your loved one the attention and cut they deserve.

How to choose the best dog groomer
Million Hairs Dog Grooming Gibraltar

I have seen Dogs come from groomers that have been shaved to the skin and their owners in tears at the state of them. Therefore, I have written a Post on how to choose the best dog groomer.

Finding The Best Grooming Parlour

Before you decide on a Groomer and make an appointment there are a few checks you should carry out first. A good groomer will never turn down a visit from a potential client so:

  • Does it have a good reputation? – Check online to see what others have said about the company. Do they have a Facebook page with lots of comments? When you see a nicely groomed Dog in the street ask the owner where they got their Dog groomed and if they recommend them.
  • Is the Grooming Parlour clean and kept clean? – Hygiene is very important. It’s obvious there will be hairs and the groomer should keep on top of the mess. If there is urine and excrement then that is definitely a no no. There will be accidents but these should be cleaned up at the earliest opportunity. Does it smell clean? You can expect Dog smells but it should never small bad. Common sense will prevail when you first see the premises.
  • Is there good ventilation? –The business should not be stuffy as it should be a calming experience for your Dog. If you can’t breathe in there it is a bad sign. There should be good ventilation and if in warmer climate adequate air conditioning.
  • Where is the Grooming area? – If there is a reception area but the Grooming area is out the back in a no go area then alarm bell should start ringing. No Groomer should hide where they are doing their business and should be more than happy to show you where it all happens.
  • How are the staff? – Are the staff sociable and knowledgeable? You should be able to ask them anything in relation to the Grooming and they should be helpful and willing to show you that your loved ones are in good hands. Question them about the handling of Dogs, what happens if they are shy or aggressive etc. If they seem uninterested, unknowledgeable and unwilling to interact with you then steer well clear.
  • Where are the Dogs kept? – Where are they prior and after grooming? Do they have access to fresh water? If they are kept in cages this may scare them and cause anxiety to your loved ones. My wife certainly doen’t believe in cages in her business. It is far better to have an area cordoned off for the more difficult ones.

How to choose the best dog groomer

Is it The Best Groomer?

Just because the Grooming parlour is neat, tidy clean and welcoming it doesn’t mean the person doing the Grooming is the best. Speak to them first and ask them about specific styles and getting the right cut for your Dog. You should never be too shy to ask any question to the Groomer. Too many people have had bad experiences with greedy Groomers who just want to get as many Dogs through the door to make a quick buck and have left the Dogs scalped and trembling in fear. Check out the following:

  • Has the Groomer received training? – All Dog groomers should have received certified training and their business should be licensed and registered.
  • Does the Groomer produce the right cut? – It is far too easy for a Groomer to take short cuts and get the Dog done quickly. Insist on getting the right cut for your breed. (There is plenty of online information regarding Dog cuts). Ask how long it should take so you can gauge the attention he or she will get.
  • Agree on a price beforehand – This is very important on your first visit. You don’t want to return to the Parlour to be told your Dog is awkward and has taken longer than expected, so you are going to be charged more.
  • How is their personality? – Some Dogs find it quite stressful visiting a Groomer. How is the Groomer’s demeanor? Can they handle a stressed and anxious Dog? Do they treat their clients like their own Dogs? Once you have found the right person and you become a regular, your Dog will settle in far quicker the more you visit.How to choose the best dog groomer

Before And After The Appointment

Between appointments you should regularly brush your Dog. This helps look after their coat and you can also check for lumps and bumps that shouldn’t be there. It will also alert you to any fleas or ticks he may have picked up. Another important note is if he has too many knots due to not being brushed he Groomer may have no alternative but to cut them out, therefore ruining their style.

On the day of the appointment give your Dog a good walk beforehand. This will tire him out and he is likely to be calmer at the Groomers. It will also ensure he has been to the toilet. There is nothing worse for a Groomer than to have a client turn up and immediately “go to the toilet”over the freshly mopped floor.

Give you contact details to the Groomer just in case there are any problems or they just may want to contact you to ensure they are carrying out your wishes. They may also need to call you if there is a delay in the cut so you do not turn up early and have to wait. it is all part of the customer service. Also, some Dogs tend to “show off” if their owner is present.

After the appointment, speak to the Groomer about how your loved one behaved. Did he seem stressed? Was he shy? Did he behave? You can also ask for advice on how to look after your Dogs coat, and do they have any tips on which grooming products to buy.



So as you can see when you are looking for a Groomer it is not as simple as picking up a Yellow Pages and calling the first available Dog groomer. You best friend needs to go somewhere he feels safe, loved and comfortable. Take a bit of time and ensure your Dog will be in the best hands possible. At the end of the day your Dog will be happy and you will have peace of mind.

Please see some Grooming information available from

As always please feel free to leave any comments or questions.