Julius – K9 Dog Harness Review

Hudson in K9 Julius Harness

Julius K9 Dog Harnesses are very sturdy and extremely attractive harnesses that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to fit every breed of dog. They are normally known for their use on medium to large dogs but they are also available for small breeds and even puppy sizes are available.

Julius also produce harnesses with security locks, seat belt adapters, pressure distribution pads and harnesses with front control.

Product: Julius – K9 16IDC P3 + IDC PowerHarness with Security Lock for Dogs, Size 3, Black

Price: £35.88

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.co.uk

 Price $52.99 on Amazon.com


Dimensions: 45 x 24 x 4 cm


Special Features: Adjustable, Easy to clean, Durable, Easy to use, Reflective


My rating: 9.5 out of 10

Julius – K9 161DC P3 + IDC PowerHarness Overview

Julius – K9 harnesses are great for all breeds at home and also for working dogs. They are used by many Police Forces around the world. With an interchangeable hook system and adjustable chest strap they are sure to fit any breed.

This harness has the added side rings, this had the advantage of securing your dog with a seat belt adaptor

Main Features:

  • Phosphorescent, Interchangeable patches: Hook and loop patches with the Julius – K9 Logo.
  • Water Repellent Cover: Due to it being highly durable, comfortable, secure and water resistant, these harnesses are the choice for security agencies, professional trainers and pet owners alike.
  • Side Bag Attachment Option: 3 and 4 Litre versions are available for the PowerHarness in sizes 0 to 4. A smaller IDC version is also available. With a 250 cm cubed capacity it is ideal for treats, documents and your mobile.
  • Flashlight Holder: Great for search and rescue teams and other security agencies, a high quality flashlight holder has been produced. This can be used for various different sizes of flashlight, and can be used simultaneously with the side bags.
  • Closable Handle: An excellent feature for working and rescue dogs. The new handle fixing option means you can fix only the steel ring, the handle, both of them or neither. This will minimise the chance of your dog getting stuck. Great in dense woodland.
  • Heavy-Duty Buckles: Thoroughly checked and tested in harsh conditions so you have full confidence in the quality of the product.
  • Breathable, Skin Friendly Inner Lining: Manufactured to the highest of International Standards, the OEKO-TEX lining will be comfortable and safe your dog.
  • Reflective Edges and Chest Strap: The reflective materials used are one of the most important functions of the harness. It is imperative that you can see your dog from a distance, if and when you are walking in the dark.

What’s in the Box? 

  • The Harness
  • Product Booklet
  • User manual
  • Product label


The Julius K-9 range of harnesses is a great product that will give your peace of mind whilst out with your loved one. They have a massive choice to choose from. Therefore, think about your walking environment, the size of your dog, and make your choice. Oh, and not forgetting, a great range of colours too.

My Hudson and Nelly both wear these. Just goes to show they suit any dog.

Hudson in K9 Julius
Hudson wearing his K9 Julius Harness
Nelly in her K9 Harness
Nelly in her Julius K9 Harness






If you have any comments or feedback please feel free to drop me a line.


Dog Leads, Harnesses and Collars

Dog, Leads, Harnesses and Collars

So the day has come and you need to shop around for a lead and collar for your new puppy or dog. Ideally this should be prior to picking up your new pooch, so it is a good idea to know the size you will require and what style you will need.

There are dozens of different types available, whether it is big dog collars you are after or small. What kind of lead will you need? what length will you need? Do you want a designer lead or a lead for training? the list is endless.

I am therefore going to cover some of the more common dog leashes and collars (leashes are what our American cousins call a lead) and highlight some of our favourites here.

If you are still unsure about the choices available, you can always speak to a Vet or Dog Trainer, and they will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

The Importance of choosing the correct Dog Leads and Collars

When choosing the correct lead and collar there are many things to take into consideration.

  1. Firstly the size of your dog. The collar must be comfortable for your dog (ideally two fingers slip easily between the collar and it is fur). Also, the lead must be the correct length for you when walking your dog. My wife and I have our own leads when walking our dogs, as I am nearly a foot taller than her. If I used her leads, then I would be tripping over the back paws of my dogs.
  2. The type of fur on your dog. If your dog has long fur and you decide to go for a harness, then that could become uncomfortable for him or her as their fur can get caught up in it.
  3. The attitude of your dog. If you find your dog is the kind that is prone to pulling a lot when walking then a harness is preferable. This is because if they pull, whilst wearing a collar, then there is a chance they could damage their neck.

With our two dogs we found that Nelly, the smallest, always needed a step in harness. This is because if she just wore a flat collar she could hurt herself. She gets very excited quickly and pulls and jumps all over the place. She just doesn’t realise how she can hurt herself.

Julius K9 Harnesses
Hudson and Nelly wearing their Julius K9 Harnesses

Hudson, the larger of the two can be equally as boisterous. When we first rescued him he was very timid so a flat collar sufficed. Now he is much more lively and confident so a harness is a must.

Both Hudson and Nelly use Julius K9 Harnesses.

==〉Click here for more information on Julius K9 Harnesses 〈==

Different types of Leads / Leashes

  1. The standard Flat Lead. These are the most common and are used for daily walks and basic training. They are normally between 1 – 2 metres in length and have a clasp at the end. They are manufactured in nylon, leather and even cotton or rubber. Within this group are the round, rope like material instead of flat. These are more and more popular and the type that we prefer. Because of varying lengths and thicknesses they work well with all dogs and provide good safety and control. Top tip, always choose a good brand and check the clasp is rigid and fit for purpose. Some cheaper brands have clasps that do not last very long and can deteriorate quickly.
  2. Bungee and stretchable rubber Leads. Personally I would AVOID these. Sold as reducing pulling issues with the dog they only go to reduce your training skills with your dog. A dog trainer will advise that a strong lead and confident owner is what is needed to train your dog.
  3. Retractable Leads. These are very popular as the owner can vary the length of the lead from about 1 meter to 15 metres all with the push of a button. The handle contains a mechanism that allows the owner to retract and release the lead as and when it is needed.  Unfortunately, they do have a downside, the cable can be easily tangled and the dog can wander off into the path of danger if you are not constantly aware. People and dogs have been seriously injured using these. However, in the hands of a confident and situation aware owner, these can be an asset for the dog and the person.
  4. Slip Leads. These leads are also known as training leads and incorporate a lead and collar all in one. Basically they are a piece of rope with a small metal ring that provides a loop and acts as a collar. They are very easy to put on as all you do is place the loop over the head of your dog and it will tighten itself around it is neck. One thing to be wary of is ensuring it sits high on the dogs neck so to avoid choking your dog. A very handy lead but I personally wouldn’t use one long term, as it is a sensitive part of the neck, which prevents them pulling hard but could cause discomfort in the long run.
  5. Martingale Leads. These are not so common and are used more for quick walks when you are in a rush. Similar to the Slip Leads they look like the collar is attached to the lead with added adjust ability. They are designed for dogs with smaller heads and thick necks like greyhounds. They are designed to stop your dog “backing out” of it is collar.
  6. Gentle Leader Leads / Head halti. These look more like a collar than a lead that loops around the dogs muzzle. They are designed so that if your dog pulls, then it is head is directed towards it is owner, and therefore redirecting it is attention to it is owner.
  7. Halti Harness. These are designed to control your dog from the front in a steering action. Usually these are

made from a comfortable material so as to not cause rubbing on the shoulders or the chest of your dog. As with other harnesses they must befitted correctly so as to not cause discomfort.




Different types of Collars

  1. The Standard Flat Collar. Made from the same materials and designed to go with the standard flat lead. They are the most common and what you will find in most pet stores. Certainly all dogs should be able to walk with a Flat Collar. The only issue is that some breeds e.g whippets and greyhounds can slip out of them. If that is the case then a Martingale Lead would be more appropriate. Always go for a good quality brand as they will last longer and give you piece of mind.
  2. Choke-chain Collar. Some dog trainers recommend these as an ideal collar for training. The downside is they must be used correctly for it to be safe and under the eye of a reputable trainer. Some breeds do respond well to them but short nosed dogs must never wear a choke-chain.
  3.  Prong / Pinch Collar. Another controversial collar like the one above. Some believe if it is used correctly then are a good training tool whereas others believe they are abusive. It is recommended that if you were to use one of these you should contact a qualified trainer beforehand. Again, if a trainer is needed and you should be supervised when using one, then I for one would not recommend them.




  1. Back-Clip Harness. These are the most common and have a D Ring on the back. They are the easiest to use and the most comfortable for dogs. There are several styles and materials from which you can choose from all depending on the size of your dog. Ideally they are for small dogs. If your little one is boisterous then this harness makes your dog easier to control without putting any pressure on it is throat. The only downside is that they are not ideal for training due to not providing any directional control.
  2. Front-Clip Harness. These are not so common as the back clip harnesses but have a couple of distinct advantages. The harness stops the dog pulling as the directional movement when pulling is towards the owner not away from them. These are often preferred by professional trainers and are preferable for larger dogs. The only downsides are your dog is more likely to get tangled in the lead and they do have to be fitted correctly as an ill fitting harness can effect the gait of your dog. It would also prove to be uncomfortable for your dog if fitted incorrectly.
  3. Dual-Clip Harness. These provide the best of both worlds of front and back clip harnesses. Although the rear clip has the most control the front one comes into operation if your dog lunges or pulls. One slight downside is that due to the amount of padding and material used they can cause some chafing around the shoulders of your dag.
  4. Step-In Harness. Instead of being a full harness these require your dog to literally step into the harness rather than have it placed over their head. They can be front back or both attachments. Some dogs find it difficult to step into them so have to be placed into position. Our little Nelly uses one all the time but even after three years she can’t step into it. She just stands on her back legs and waits to be put into position. Quite entertaining actually ha ha.

Safety Notes

As you can imagine there are many different types of leads and collars out there that it can be difficult to choose the correct one. I always say if in doubt ask a professional. There is nothing to be embarrassed about and that is what they are there for. At the end of the day it is the safety and happiness of your pet that is the most important.

There are several types of collar that are available that cause pain for your dog. Pronged Collars, Collars that spray liquids, electric shock and choke chains will all cause pain and stress for your dog. I do not believe any dog should be put into a stressful or painful situation so would never ever use one of those products.


As I have mentioned here are many types available and really it is down to the size and temperament of your dog. I hope my experiences and advice have helped with your choice. If you have any questions or advice I might find useful please feel free to drop me a line.

All the best


Furbo Dog Camera: Full HD Wifi Pet Camera (Amazon Alexa Compatible)

Furbo Dog Camera

What does our Dog get up to whilst you are out of the house? Do you have more than one Dog and you have ever wondered who is the boss when you are not around? Or does your Dog have anxiety issues and hates being separated from you?

Well, with this device you can find out exactly what is going on in your home and all the answers you will ever need to know about your Dogs personality. The great thing too is that you can set this up to give them treats and nibbles whilst you are out of the house. (If they deserve them of course ha-ha).

Product: Furbo Dog Camera: Full HD Wifi Pet Camera with 2 Way Audio, Treat Tossing, Night Vision and barking Alerts, Designed for Dogs, Works with Amazon Alexa.

Furbo Dog Camera

Price: £158.00 or $179.00

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com

Weight: 948 g (Shipping Weight 1.6 Kg)

Dimensions: 15 x 12 x 22.5 cm

Special Features: 160 degree (diagonal) wide-angle lens

My Rating: 9 out of 10

==〉Click Here For Further Information 〈==

Furbo Dog Camera Full HD Wifi Pet Camera Overview

The Furbo Dog Camera is designed for Dogs and their owners. Furbo have collaborated with 1000s of vets and professional Dog trainers. The neat device can alleviate anxiety and separation issues in all breeds of Dog. The treat tossing function can be used to train your Dog as every toss is different. The tossing can be used as a distraction for anxious pacing, licking or barking. The Furbo holds around 100 treats of approximately 1 cm diameter.

The adjustable two-way barking alert (adjust for your own sensitivity) is an excellent touch. You can calm your Dog straight away once your phone receives notification straight from the Furbo. You can even set it up with the Amazon Alexa to toss treats when it suits you.

Furbo Dog Camera


Main features:

  • Works with Alexa: You can add voice control by combining with a screen Alexa device.
  • Talk: You can set it up for a 2 Way Chat and Barking Alert. Furbo will notify you when it senses your Dog barking. You can then speak to your Dog and calm him down.
  • See: The Furbo has a 1080p Full HD Camera with Night Vision. With Full HD, 160 degree wide-angle and 4 x zoom. You will be able to see your loved ones clearly day or night.
  • Play: Fun treat tossing. Play remotely by tossing treats to your Dogs vía Alexa or via the free Furbo iOS/Android app. The Furbo will hold approximately 100 treats of 1cm diameter.
  • Photo / Video sharing: You can take photos or record videos with the Furbo app. Share them with friends and family or on your Dog Blog.
  • Stability: The Furbo is easy to install and is stable and flexible. This ensures that wherever you put it you will be able to see everything even if it’s positioned on a high shelf.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x Furbo Dog Camera
  • 1 x 2m USB Cable
  • 1 x Power Adaptor
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide

Here are some of the treats available that will definitely fit:


The Furbo is definitely a fun, quirky and handy gadget. It will give you peace of mind, whilst away from the house, and will also give you lots of entertainment value. It is easy to set up, so even your favourite technophobe will soon have it up and running.
I would use the treats that are recommended. However, if your Dog doesn’t like them, or you have a preference, then a similar size and shape will do the trick.

if you have any comments of feedback please feel free to drop me a line.

All the best


New Years Eve Pet Safety Tips

Pet safety tips for new years eve

With Christmas over and still reeling from the over indulgence we or about to have more festivities on New Years Eve. Whilst we are enjoying ourselves we must be aware that our furry friends are not going to be enjoying it like us. With the possibility of strangers visiting again, noisy music and fireworks, our pets are likely to be scared or try to run away. In fact, Dog shelters report that they see an increased number of lost Dogs over the New Year period. Therefore, I have compiled my top tips for keeping your pet safe on New Years Eve.

pet safety tips for new years eve

Safest Indoors

It is always best to keep your loved one’s indoors. It will be quieter and a place they feel safe. If you are having friends around keep them in a comfortable place with their blankets and toys etc. If they are sociable let them interact with your guests but tell your guests not to feed them food or alcohol. This may seem obvious but some people may not understand this. Ensure they have plenty of their proper food and water. If you are alone but near fireworks it’s always good to cuddle up to them on the sofa, keep the windows and curtains closed, and have the TV on. Try not to react to the sound of fireworks and comfort them as much as possible if you feel they are wary.

Food and Water

Make sure your furry friends have good access to plenty of food and water. Try to keep their routine as normal as possible so that your Dog feels as if nothing is about to happen and that it is a normal day. This will ensure he feels secure and less likely to get scared and run off if he hears some strange noises.

Lots of Walks and Playtime

During the day why not take them for a long walks and play with them more than ever. This will tire them our and all they will want to do during the evening is relax and sleep. Try to keep them busy with toys or games. If he has a new toy he is more likely to find that interesting than what is going on around him. If you know there are going to be loud fireworks near you make sure they have been out and done their business before it all kicks off.

Beware of Alcoholic Beverages

It is not rocket science that you shouldn’t feel your Dog alcohol but some people might not realise this especially if they are guests and not Dog owners. To some seeing your Dog drunk might be funny but you are actually poisoning him and this can have serious repercussions. Also, your Dog might find the smell of alcohol appealing so make sure all drinks are kept well our of their way

Watch Out For Fatty Foods

This is very similar to the alcohol side of things. Food is always attractive to Dogs but fatty foods can make them seriously ill. Ham, beef, chicken and bones all have high levels of fat that your loved one’s will find attractive to eat. Eating these can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and bloating. chicken bones can be especially dangerous as they have been known to splinter and get stuck in the intestines. This can cause blockages or internal bleeding which will require surgery. This would be hardly the ending you want for the New Year.

Beware of Party Poppers and Decorations

New Year’s Eve parties usually include party poppers, streamers, balloons and noisy horns etc. The party poppers are likely to scare the hell out of any Dog and those noisy blaring horns will have them looking for shelter quicker than you can say Happy New Year. Think about these things if you are having a party. Also, discarded poppers and streamers will seem strange to them. Don’t let them pick them up and chew on them just in case they swallow them and cause internal problems as with chicken bones.


As mentioned before, protect your loved one’s from the sound of fireworks. If you happen to live in a crowded place, like I do, the fireworks go on for hours. You must do your utmost to protect your Dog and any other pets from the loud noise. The constant banging will cause stress and anxiety. I for one will be spending New Years Eve on the sofa, with all windows and curtains drawn, and the TV slightly louder than normal. Both my Dog’s will be sat either side of me and I will be doing my best to keep them comfortable and stress free.

Go Away For The Evening

Why not get away for the night? There are plenty of Pet Friendly hotels offering accommodation for the New Year. A nice trip to the coast somewhere quiet will not only be nice for you but also for your pet’s. Why not have a look on Booking.com and see what they have to offer.

pet friendly hotels
Pet Friendly Hotels Booking.com

Holistic Calming Therapies and Medications

If you feel your Dog is going to have a terrible evening and there is nothing you can do to prevent this why not try some holistic calming therapies. There are many tried and tested available on amazon.co.uk that will deliver before New Year’s Eve. Lemon balm, chamomile, lavender and valerian are all natural herbs that can be safely added to your Dogs food to relax them and make them feel more secure.

If you are really concerned you can also speak top your vet. There are several anti-anxiety medications available. Benzodiazepines can be taken on an as needed basis and others available over the counter are diphenhydramine and benadryl. These can also be effective.

However, do not give your Dog any medication with speaking to your vet first.

Check out some of the available therapies available on amazon.co.uk


We will soon be coming to the end of the festive season and New Yer’s Eve is usually the loudest of the events. I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year. Please think about our loved one’s who do not understand what is going on. Keep them safe as at the end of the day, they are also our family and need as much love and happiness as we all do.

Happy New Year everyone


pet safety tips for new years eve