Dogs at Christmas

Christmas with your dog

It has not been the best year for celebrations but Christmas is just about upon us. It’s that time of year when we normally all get festive and want to enjoy ourselves over Christmas. Of course, wherever you are this year there could be a lot of changes. However, our furry family friends don’t know … Read more

Do Dogs Need Coats?

Do Dogs Need to Wear Coats and Jumpers?

We live in a Mediterranean climate, and even though the days are getting shorter, it’s still warm, and a fleece is only really needed in the evenings. However, I have already seen a lot of Dogs out an about wearing thick winter coats. When we lived in England our Schnauzer Nessa had a warm coat … Read more

Salt Dog Studios

Salt Dog Studios

Salt Dog Studios, is a small family run business in Whitstable, a quaint and individual seaside town in Kent. They specialise in bespoke, handmade Dog Collars and Accessories- bringing you something a little different. As well as making sure their products look beautiful, they also pride themselves on quality. Only using the very best materials … Read more