Do Dogs Need Coats?

Do Dogs Need to Wear Coats and Jumpers?

We live in a Mediterranean climate, and even though the days are getting shorter, it’s still warm, and a fleece is only really needed in the evenings. However, I have already seen a lot of Dogs out an about wearing thick winter coats. When we lived in England our Schnauzer Nessa had a warm coat … Read more

Halloween with Dogs

How to celebrate halloween with your dogs

Halloween is a fun time for children so there is no reason why your Dog cannot be included in the Halloween activities. Your Dog is a member of your family and thoroughly enjoys being with you and being involved with the family. If your kids are getting dressed up and running around having fun, then … Read more

Naturally Happy Dogs

10 Signs you have a happy dog

We all know that Dogs can’t speak, so they are unable to express themselves through words or expressions. The only way they can communicate is through body language. By carefully paying attention to your Dog’s body language, you will soon be able to work out whether they are happy or sad, or even if they … Read more