Dogs at Christmas

It has not been the best year for celebrations but Christmas is just about upon us. It’s that time of year when we normally all get festive and want to enjoy ourselves over Christmas. Of course, wherever you are this year there could be a lot of changes. However, our furry family friends don’t know that, so we should all get involved and still enjoy our Christmas. There is still lots shopping to do, and of course the buying of presents.

Dogs at Christmas

Just because we are going to be busy over the festive period it, doesn’t mean your furry friend should miss out. In fact, it’s his Christmas as much as yours, so you should be enjoying it together. I have therefore put together my top 10 tips on celebrating Christmas with your Dog.

Include Your Dog in Your Christmas Outings

Whether you are shopping in the Hight Street, or stomping through the fields looking for a real Christmas Tree, take your furry friend with you. Dogs love nothing more than being outside and being with you. When my wife and I are shopping in town we always take our little one’s with us. If shops do not allow Dogs, then you can take it in turns to stay outside. It really isn’t a sacrifice and your Dog will be far happier than being stuck at home waiting for your return.

Get Silly and Dress Them Up

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but dressing your Dog up certainly brings a smile to most peoples faces. There are hundreds of outfits you can buy which will make cracking photos of your festive season.

Christmas with your dog

Always remember how to choose outfits for your Dog. Make sure they are a good fit and they don’t get stressed out wearing them. They should not be wearing it for too long anyway. For further info and fitting please check my previous article at  Do Dogs Need to Wear Coats and jumpers?

Christmas with your dog

Go Christmas Caroling

If you are lucky enough to be able to go Christmas Caroling then when not take your best friend with you? Just think of the entertainment value !!! I’m sure my Hudson would love it, but little Nelly would be an absolute nightmare. Her yapping is enough to put any seasoned carol Singer in their place. However, she does sound better than me lol.

On the serious side, if you are out in colder climates in the evening don’t forget that its not only your warmth you need to think about but your Dogs too. The above link applies as well.

Bake Some Doggy Christmas Treats

There’s nothing better than a warm kitchen with the aroma of baked goodies. (Even if it is liver treats for your loved one’s ha-ha). It is much more fun baking your own treats than buying them off the shelf. However, if you haven’t the time then off the shelf will still keep your furry friend happy. At the end of the day it is Christmas and he deserves it.

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Pre Christmas Run Around

If you are having visitors over or are going visiting then make sure your Christmas pooch has had plenty of exercise. After you have opened all your presents, and your furry friend has run amok in the hoards of wrapping paper, take him outside for some more Christmas mayhem. Play fetch or have a good run around. Your visitors will appreciate it more if he is relaxed, and not running around the house like a maniac because of the intrusion.

Sleep Time

It can be very exciting for your Dog on Christmas day. With all the hustle and bustle of opening presents, going for a run around, having visitors and skilfully begging scraps of Turkey, it can all be too overwhelming for him. Some Dogs can keep going all day, but many will need a place to have a lie down and a rest. If your house is full of people, make sure there is an area put aside with his food, water and bed, so that he can get away from it all and have a well deserved Christmas nap.

Buy Some Christmas Gifts For You Best Friend

If you are anything like us then you will spend more time with your furry friend than you do anyone else. Surely then they should receive gifts from us to show them we care !!! It takes a Dog takes quite some time to grow to love a person and to trust them 100%. Surely that should be celebrated. Anyway, since your last Christmas shopping spree I’m sure their toys are starting to look a bit rough round the edges or they have lost their squeak lol. Go on. TREAT Them.

Dogs at Christmas

Christmas Dangers

We all want to enjoy ourselves over Christmas but we must be aware of the dangers that are ever present. That last thing we need is our loved one to get hurt or injured over the festive period. Here is a guide to some dangers:

  • Christmas Dinner – I know it’s Christmas and our furry friends deserve a treat, but too much can seriously injure them. Remember, during the rest of the year your Dog is on quite a controlled diet. Whether it’s too many home baked, or bought treats, these can really upset their digestive system. If everyone is sat around the table is dropping Turkey tit bits then this over indulgence can really make them sick. Just use common sense and keep an eye on them AND your guests !!!!
  • Poisons – There is a vast array of food and drinks that can poison your Dog. These are certainly in abundance at Christmas time. For example: Chocolate, Raisins, Holly and Ivy in decorations, Alcohol, Batteries (God forbid your loved one swallows one), Unbaked bread dough, Coffee, Blue Cheese, Garlic chives and onion found in stuffing, and Macadamia nuts.
  • Snow Globes – Some imported versions can contain antifreeze. Deadly to Dogs, Cats and us.
  • Candles – Yes they are very pretty and make a nice and cosy atmosphere but can also be deadly. If you leave candles on in an unoccupied room your Dog could brush against them and knock them over. Also, if they are inquisitive they could burn their nose or burn their paws.
  • Fairy lights and Tinsel – Dogs are very curious, so be careful if they go anywhere near the Christmas decorations. A chew through the fairy lights will electrocute them, and a swallowed piece of tinsel can cause a serious blockage in your Dog’s stomach.


It is only a few weeks until Christmas, and most people are already making plans, and getting ready for the festive period. I hope you have enjoyed my article on how to enjoy Christmas with your Dog. Common sense goes a long way to helping your enjoy the festive season, and I hope none of the dangers I have mentioned raise their ugly heads and spoil your special time.

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I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and as always please feel free to leave any tips or comments below.



4 thoughts on “Dogs at Christmas”

  1. Aw, I love this!! Dogs are absolutely a part of the family and should be included in Christmas celebration. I love receiving family christmas cards and their dog is in the picture! I have a cat and I get her presents. I can’t take her anywhere like I could a dog but I make sure she knows she’s loved!

    • Hi and thank you so much for your comment. Whether you have cats or dogs they are all special and deserve to be part of the family, and be included in our Christmas festivities. We don’t get to enjoy them for long enough, so we should make the most of our time with them. Merry Christmas to you and your cat 🙂

  2. HI David!…you have a very interesting article here about our loyal ” friend ” and ‘ best friend ” in our life. I have female malenois now that produced 4 male pups at about a week old today. I’m feeding their ” mom ” with dogfood that is rich in almost complete nutrients and calcium suited for a nursing dog. And we are happy that the pups are feeding well and sucking lots of good milk from their mother. Our place is not as cold compared to your place especially in these upcoming yuletide season, so we didn’t put too much warm materials around the pups. But a lot of cleaning is done every day to ensure that their place is clean and prevent flies to hover around them…we sprayed vinegar mixed with water in their surroundings after cleaning using soap and water David. In anyways, thank you for the reminders and sharing of some info with regards to the “danger warnings” for our “loyal and man’s best friends” during this coming season of hope in these unprecedented times of the year David.

    Be safe!



    • Hi there Laertes and thank you for such a splendid response. I am so glad to hear your pups are doing well and feeding from their “mom”. They will certainly do need a good diet as they are young and will become amazing animals. It certainly looks like you have this covered and are a great pup Dad. Thank you again for your reply and I wish you all the best for this yuletide season.

      All the best



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